Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well.. the time now is 1.22 o'clock in the morning.. I just came back from playing basketball with my bro..we play at Bukit Jelutong basketball's court.. we played 4 on 4 since not enough people to play full court 5 on 5..

I was a lil bit tired because earlier that evening, I went to the court also to play basketball..so 2 times in a day? wow..simultaneously..not bad..i've pick up a lil bit of my stamina which I lost bcoz of a long holiday packed with eating and sleeping...ahakz..

what a boring daily routine..in fact, not so good towards my health.. eventhough i'm quite tired..I still can play aggresively and in a fast pace..

why? because playin' basketball is my passion..my hobby.. we arrived at the court more or less around 10 pm.. 9.55pm to be exact...

we warmed up ourself by doin a few shots and free throws.. later on, the group expand as more and more friends of us arrived at the court.. hurm..I have a few more paragraphs, but I am exhausted..so, that's all for today..till we meet again..