Monday, May 30, 2011

PNB Scholarship Test 2011

In life, we are advised to be a type of person who benefits others.
To be one, I am here in this post, to share with my friends and my juniors about PNB Critical Reasoning Test Battery(CRTB) 2011.
About 300-350 applicants nationwide are shortlisted to sit for the test. How much will be granted the scholarship? I can't tell you coz I don't know. hehe. The recipient of PNB Overseas Scholarhship Award will be doing A-Levels at Kolej Yayasan UEM, Lembah Beringin before pursuing a degree course at top-notch universities in the USA, UK and AUSTRALIA. I am not sure whether Aussie is included.
Attire :
Boys - Shirt+slack+leather shoes+necktie (don't need blazer coz it is a test, not an interview)
Girls - Baju Kurung+shoes (sandals and slippers are not recommended)

The test was divided into three parts.

1 - Verbal Evaluation
2 - Interpreting Data
3 - Diagrammatic Series

The applicants are given 30 questions. All questions have to be answered within 20 minutes time.
In this part, there are a few passages. The length of each passage is about 5-7 lines. Each passage comes with 2-4 statements. Applicants have to determine whether each statement is TRUE or FALSE or CANNOT DETERMINE without further infos.

From my opinion, the level of English for the passages is quite high.
There were some sentences that I completely didn't understand. (well, my English level is not very good) Stupid of me. But, I gave my best. Do it hard or go home. :)

In this part, there were 18 questions only. The time given is 20 minutes.
It involves some simple maths calculation. There are tables, charts, graph, etc.
Most of the questions ask us to calculate the turnover profit, sales difference, capital, percentage and lots more.

As for me, this part was better compared to the first part because I love numbers :).
I managed to answer almost all questions properly and there were two or three wild guesses. :-P

And lastly, the third part comprising 40 questions. Again, 20 minutes is given to answer all questions.
If you have attempted any IQ test question that contain sequence of pictures, I am sure you can do well in this part of the test. It is exactly the same. 1 until 40, sequences of pictures.

Hurm, I enjoyed the most in this part. Although it was very tensed at that moment because, can you imagine answering 40 questions in 20 minutes?? That is half a minute for each question. MY GOD!!

In conclusion, the test was quite difficult. Basically, they want to test whether you can do a job quick and do a job while you are under pressure. (Is my sentence correct?? LOL)
My advice, work fast but relax. No time to think twice. Just follow your thought, and follow your instinct.
You ain't got much time to go through your answers. All the best.
I don't put much hope of getting a phone call asking me to attend the next part of the evaluation process.
If it is my "rezeki" , ALHAMDULILLAH. Do pray for me. :D
Thanks for reading. :)

P/s : who pass the test and get the chance to proceed to the next level, one thing from me, TABIK SPRINNGG!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Central Bank's Assessment

20th May 2011
I attended Bank Negara's assessment  session. Where? At BNM's headquarter in KL.
Time : 0800 - 1230 hours.
Number of candidates for the last group of the whole BNM's assessment session was four person.
BNM's assessment session had been carried out for the past fortnight. Total candidates involved was 150.
The assessment was divided into three parts.

1st part - Essay writing
2nd part - Group Presentation
3rd part - Individual Presentation and Interview


Time given to complete the task : 1 hour

One hour was given to complete two essays ; one in Malay(part A) and one in English(part B).
For both parts, there were two questions. The topic varies for each year.
In part A, I decided to answer Q1
" Pelaksanaan waktu bekerja lima hari banyak membawa kebaikan kepada individu, keluarga dan negara. Bincangkan "
In part B, I chose to answer Q2
" Credit card is more of a trend than a need. Discuss "

MyComment : I've tried my best even though I wasn't able to give the best answer (due to time constraint--alasan, SIGH -_-" )


Discussion : 20 minutes
Presentation : 30 minutes

We were given a situation.
" You organization has just formed a Volunteer Team (VT). The VT has to organize a fund-raising activity for charity purpose. RM15,000 is allocated for the activity. Discuss with your VT committee members regarding how do you want to organize the activity. Then, present you proposal to the board of directors for their approval. Ensure that you take into account a few important matters such as logistic, security, food and beverages and whatever that is necessary for an event/activity. "

I was the Project Manager. It was quite tensed because we have to do the discussion in front of the panels.
Everyone was eager to speak. But alhamdulillah, the discussion and the group presentation went well.

MyComment : The presentation was not so good. We ourselves were not very satisfied with our work.
Individually, I've done a quite good job. However, there are ROOOOOMS for improvement in me. :)


Preparation : 15 minutes
Presentation : 10 minutes
Interview : unlimited

I chose to present on the topic of (the topic varies for each year).. " CREATIVITY AND EFFICIENCY : WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT?"
Alhamdulillah. I was able to explain to them clearly(insyaAllah). I made a choice and I stick to my choice regardless whatever happen.
Regarding the interviewing part, it was very casual and relax. No stress at all. Full of laughter but still serious.
The panel of interviewers asked a lot of questions esp about your personality. The questions were in different form with one objective : to get to know one's personality. The interview part was the best part  among the three. FANTASTIC and ENJOY!!
It's a valuable experience to attend BNM's assessment session.

MyComment : Alhamdulillah,I think I've done my best for the 3rd part.

Overall : F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. Invaluable experience. Enjoy.
hopefully, I will secure the Kijang Scholarship Award from Bank Negara Malaysia, INSYAALLAH.

- Keep praying for me guys and girls -

Thank You

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What do you think, if a science-based student intends to pursue his/her tertiary education in art field?
What do you think, if an art-based student wishes to further his/her degree in science field?

I was very shocked, sad, disappointed, furious and moody when I was denied of getting a scholarship, which I believe I deserved so, just because I came from a science school and applying to continue my study in art-related course.

"...sorry Mr. Dhiyauddin Murtadha, it is our policy that those who want to pursue their tertiary education in arts field, they have to take art subjects for their SPM, and vice versa for science courses.. "

not to blame anybody, but that's the fact. Such a silly policy that portrayed the narrow-mindedness of those who made it.

Hopefully, they realise that the policy keeps on denying young talents to express themselves and contribute to the nation.


For soooo long...

I've left the blog for so long. I was planning on refurbishing this blog, but I am still going through the lengthy explanation from the blogger tutorial. OMG. But, I think I have to keep on posting.
So, need to post at least once a week. Guys and girls, do pray for me to have bunch of ideas when it comes to posting time.
Well, see you guys again in the next post.