Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Dream Lifestyle

Hey. What's up? To my friends who went for the school's 2012 Prom Night, I hope you guys enjoy the evening. I'm comfortably lying on my soft queen-sized bed staring at my laptop screen, churning ideas out for this post. (not really actually). So, I want to conclude that today is another wonderful day for me. I went for an investment talk somewhere in the middle of hectic KL and got to learn a few things from it.
I'm very grateful to be blessed with such chance to attend a session that I hope would be the turning point in my life. Picking up investment soon, but why invest? "Aren't you suppose to be studying?", I come across this question occasionally when I mention my intention about investment. The reason behind why I'm so keen on making my money works for me is that I want to have MY DREAM LIFE which will cost me a staggering RM62,000/month!!!!! Pheww~ 
Therefore, what am I waiting for and what are you guys waiting for, GO INVEST LAA!!!
Below is the breakdown of my dream lifestyle cost. INSANE!!!! 
However, I'm optimistic that this is achievable provided that I plan my future properly and  have a good financial discipline, InsyaAllah I can afford this. 

Your dream lifestyle costs: RM61,623/month

Mortgage per month (Bungalow @ RM8,000,000, 90% Mortgage, 10% downpayment)RM36,480
Cable TV & InternetRM250
Aston Martin DB9
Car loan (Aston Martin DB9 @ RM1,600,000)RM13,575
Road taxRM1,265
Car insuranceRM3,500
Maintenance & repairsRM400
Middle East
RM7,000 Middle East annual travel budgetRM583
Seychelles, Maldives
RM8,000 Seychelles, Maldives annual travel budgetRM666
RM10,000 Europe annual travel budgetRM833
USA, Canada
RM10,000 USA, Canada annual travel budgetRM833
Home-cooked meals
Home-cooked meals monthly budgetRM200
High Street - Zara, Topshop, H&M, Mango, Guess, Ted Baker, etc
High Street shopping monthly budgetRM900
RM12 per movie once a weekRM48
Theatre & stage shows
RM150 per show four times a yearRM50
Theme parks
RM160 per visit three times a yearRM40
Spas, facials & massages
RM150 per session twice a monthRM300
Monthly DonationsRM1000

Total monthly cost:


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Put your head down, look forward

Hi. Yesterday's physics class makes me ponder whether I'm destined to be here in Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar or not. I couldn't really digest what was taught by Mr. Ang. 

Angular velocity? Angular displacement? Omega = speed? Phewww... To make things even worst, in today's Economics class. I'm lost! Totally lost! A2 Economics starts showing its 'true colour'. 

My body was there but my mind and my soul went away into another dimension I guess. Whatever it is, this is life people! Feeling down is part and parcel of it. 
It's time to get back the focus I had before this. United Kingdom, Cambridge, A* and successful future are waiting for you. 

You lost your focus mean you lost your future. As simple as that. So, buckle up and work your ass off!!!!!!!! :) 

When you suddenly feel you can't do it, when you think that you are alone, wait.wait.wait. "La Tahzan, innallahama'ana". Don't be sad, because Allah is with you.


the drive

 back then

When I was lost in Physics class, I did this

Islam is the way of life

Love is so powerful

"Coretan", how I express my feeling (sometimes)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

As time goes, people come and go

Hey. Assalamu'alaikum. What's up?
I'm not in a very good mood for this post because I'll share about the Upper Sixers, who are going to leave my friends and I here in KTJ soon enough. Some of them have already left without even having the chance to say goodbye. :'(
Even though we only get to know each other for a very short year, but the bonding is awesome. Here in KTJ, the 6th Formers is like one unit, one big family. How strong the relationship is, people come and go and unfortunately this time around, it's their time to go and continue their journeys of life. Quest for whatever they want to achieve in their life. Hopefully, all will be well for them and us as well. (^_^)v InsyaAllah, God's willing.

From left : Imad, Taza, Danial*, Haziq*, Hud, Dato'* and Aiman*
* leavers


Credits to Syaza Nazura for the photos

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hong Kong, the jewel in the crown

Hello. This time around, would love to share some of my pictures when I was in Hong Kong last year.
It's a very nice country, clean, modern and discipline. Hong Kong and Singapore, these two are almost the same, with rules everywhere that has shaped the country into what they are today. Shall M'sia adapt the same concept? Strict logical rules and strong enforcement. :) Btw, this post is the continuation of the last post about HK. So, I end it with some pics I took. Have fun. Comments~

No Money?? I beg to differ

Mickey Mouse Parade in HK Disneyland 

 Disney's Castle at nite

One of the members in our travelling group (Muke senak~)

Wilkommen!! My 2nd visit to 2nd Disneyland

 From HK, we flew to Japan~

 A lil bit tired of taking pictures of others

We got a lesson for the kids while waiting for the flight back 

Successful people : They're short :) I mean Einstein 

Paris? Reflection in the lake 

The End

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A story about the three main races in M'sia

Hello. This time around, I want to share a story of the three biggest races in M'sia.
Please don't get offended. :)

One day, a group of three people, namely a Malay, a Chinese and an Indian were walking along a busy street in downtown KL.
While walking, they talked to each other sharing stories of life. Once they reached a junction,  they saw their ex-schoolmate on the other side of the road and hence they decided to cross it to say 'Hi' to their long lost friend. Without any further judgement, they crossed the road and BANG!!!! They were hit by a speeding Ferrari and unfortunately all of them didn't survive the accident.
Now, they are dead and waiting in front of Heaven's gate. There is this big mirror at the gate, whose task is to question people before they are given permission to enter Heaven or kicked down to Hell. So, come these three gentlemen in front of the mirror. The incident goes like this :

Mirror : Okay, I will ask each of you one question. If you answer it honestly, you will be granted heaven. But remember, if you lie, I'll suck you and spit you out to hell.
Mirror : What do you think of yourself?
Chinese guy : I think I'm hardworking.

Zaassss!!! The chinese guy was sucked into the mirror and thrown into hell.

Indian guy : I think I'm smart.

Shooosshhh!! The same thing happen to the indian.

Malay guy : I think...
Woosshhh!! The Malay guy was also sucked in and kicked to hell.

The end.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

PADI Open Water Diver

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.
Hello. Thanks for dropping by to my humble bloggie. In this post, I want to share with you guys my experience of undertaking the license to dive. It was in April 2012.
I went to Kapas Island located off Terengganu's water. 
The course took me four days and after 4 confined water dives and 4 open water dives, I am now a qualified PADI Open Water Dive. I can dive up to the depth of 18m below sea level. Alhamdulillah.
Seeing the underwater world had strengthen my faith in Allah. How magnificent the sea creatures are, existing in different and unique shapes and sizes. Some of them were unimaginable and seems fake. That shows how great Allah is. :) Unfortunately, I was unable to grab some photos underwater coz my teacher broke the underwater camera that we rented from the dive centre. So, nothing much to say just a few pics. Enjoy. Daaa~ 

Kapas Island 

In case you need some help :) 

Look at my two mates, LOLZ 


The dive centre 

KTJ Scuba Divers 

 Diving map


Sigh -_-' 

Your 'life' underwater 

O2 Tank with BCD and regulator 

The boat that brought us to and from dive spots

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello!!! Pheewww...This blog is so dusty, thanks to me for not updating it for months.
Okay, from now onwards I'll try to update my bloggie regularly but with slight changes. Instead of long boring speeches,article, etc. I'm gonna include more photos and less words. Credit to my mate, Muzammil Hasnuden for his up-to-date blog, filled with lots and lots of photos. As pictures tell thousands words. I hope you guys will enjoy my new style. And for this post, I'm gonna start with the recent swimming gala that took place in my school a few days ago. ENJOY!!! :)

KTJ 2012 Swimming Gala

IMRAN's swimmer-cum-my roomie : Donovan



at the pool with unwavering support to IMRAN HOUSE

the swimmers waiting for their events 


 Aiden(hat) and Aziz(shades)

One random Korean sitting besides me :) 


 Mr Catto, IMRAN Housemaster

 On your mark, get set.....



 Waiting for the whistle...

 Off the platform, into the pool guys!!

 Principal with his adorable daughter

awesome IMRAN's peeps 

 Under the pink tent, but it's a boy's house!

He believes he can fly 


Tired faces of the winners 

Patiently waiting