Saturday, January 30, 2010


Why, if someone resign from any post, people always have a negative thoughts about that particular man/woman?? as for me, resigning doesn't indicates that you are a coward or have no guts in facing the problems or the just that, if u think u r not capable or suitable in doing the job, why should you indulge yourself into it?? even the past Islam caliphs resign from their post when they can't carry out their responsibilities..i know, who are we to be compared with them but still we should make them as an example and guidance for us to live a harmonious life...why I said like that?? because all these responsibilities are given by Allah..He will inquire is about it during the Judgement Day..I am not bein religious but at least.. we realised that AMANAH is not a toy...

I have no offence to anybody in writing this post..just a thing that I should spell out so that this feeling does not bother my daily life again after this..ahakz...well, that's all for now..

~ Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. ~


Over night!!

haha...i'm back mr r u??
at last, got to meet da computer back after a week...3 days off from schooling..what a relieve!!!
next week, the cross-country event will take place..and yet, the teachers never tired of giving a lot and lots of HOMEWORKS... I know it is good for me, but sometimes I need a few days rest from school stuffs..urgh..
like an English saying says that " ALL WORKS AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY"....
huhuhu...2 days more and goodbye January..and a warm welcome for February coz it is my month of birth dowh!! but never expect to get anything during my day...kui3....
ah, btw..these 3 days off doesn't mean no homeworks!! damn it...ahakz..allergic to homeworks..
but, it is for my own good dowh.. SPM 2010 9A+!!!!!!
 hurm...I'll express more later this evening a tonnes of works to be, see ya...ciao!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Equation !!


after two weeks of schooling..I am able to derive a simple n meaningful equation..ahakz.. it's about how's my life is goin on at SMSTSP..<--- Top Perfomance School goin to be?? idea bout that..
the equation :


but, whatever it is , life's must go on as usual dowh..coz, SPM just in 10 months time lolz..not a long period lah..ain't got no time to express more ...ahakz...till meet the monitor and keyboard again.. :-)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Schools... :-|

Got a chance to post sumthin after a week don't have the chances to meet the keyboard ant the monitor..hehehe..
Now, quite busy with homeworks..cross-country training..BASKETBALL training..decorating the class..
urgh..I hate cross-country training..I am driving my basketball team towards being a competitive team in SBP level for now..I have done some transformation to the name, new players, new spirit and determination wit ha burning desire!!....ahakz.. TITANS --> ROYALS... huhu...
I want to express more things but time is not on my side.. again soon..


Friday, January 1, 2010

Back to school

hello.. is 1st of January 2010
tomorrow, 2nd of January 2010 I will depart from Subang Sky Park heading Alor Star and then Kangar...
End of year holiday which had been well spent..ahakz..
my year end holiday last year..
> facebook
>intensif classes...haha
>homework??? none...

lolz...what a nice way to spend the holiday..
4 th of January..time to be punished by Datin Noridah and other teachers..bcoz..none of their homeworks completed by me..hahaha....