Saturday, January 29, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t
From the first day I was born into this world, 
I am so grateful because Allah has chosen me to live in this world called 'Dunia'.
My parents take a good care of me.
They feed me, 
put on the clothes for me,
teach me how to walk, talk, express feelings and etc.
But the most important thing is, they teach me how to appreciate others.
So, from  primary school, I move on to the secondary school and it was a boarding school.
From here, I've learnt a lot about life.
The school world has taught me so much things I haven't known before.
But for me, the most significant fragment of the school life lies in a five-letter word,
that is, F-R-I-E-N-D.
Without friend, I'm nobody.
Friends inspire me. Friends light up my world.
They've led me until I become who I am right now.
I've turned out to be HUMAN.
A human who knows what is right and what is wrong.
A human who knows to differentiate which is good and bad.
A human who knows how to appreciate.
A human who knows how to love and be loved.
A human who knows what to do to get the ultimate reward  - SYURGA.

So, just a simple word to all my friends, 
deep from the bottom of my heart,
T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U  !

Friday, January 28, 2011


What this post has to do with the title "Maintained" ??
2011 has almost reached the end of it's 1st month..
and guess what??!! I'm able to maintain my weight of 70kg and it is not a good news for me.
My target is to lose 10kg by the end of March 2011..
So, in calculation, I am suppose to lose 3kg+/- per month la..
and I'm not achieving it..
So, I have a 'rescue' plan..
Mrs. HERBALIFE FORMULA 3 are on their way from Perlis to help me !!!



Thursday, January 27, 2011

patient and appreciate

I was in my English class just now. 
Suddenly my phone vibrated. Guess what?? Out of the blue, a friend of mine texted me.. "Taza, kat mana?"
I told her that I'm in Shah Alam. She replied, "tgk wayang jom?" ....
at that moment, my feeling consist of a mixture of happy, shocked, doubt and touched. I'm speechless.
That was the FIRST TIME ever she had invited me to watch the cinema.. 
As my feeling started to grow more excited, she texted me again... " err, aku ada tiket lebih ni" ...
When I read that, my heart broke. It was so devastating!! She invited me just because she had an extra movie ticket with her. 
I was treated as a second class friend. she hardly remembers me and think of me. 
So, I was thinking whether to accept the 'invitation' or not.. 
I was so so sad but I said to myself.. "hey Taza, AT LEAST she remembered you..even if it was a COINCIDENCE" .... :'-(( sob3... 
well, I accepted her so-called invitation at the first place. But, later when I thought deeper, it was better for me to reject it. After all, she was not really into inviting me. She just wanted to compensate the RM19 that she had lost because of the EXTRA ticket. haha..I have my own pride, my dignity. and they cost more, not just a mere RM19 !!!!!  
But, nevermind. I don't mind even my heart's broken. I'm used to her like that.

p/s : be patient with that type of friends, and do appreciate them even if they ACCIDENTALLY remember you. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A FICTION STORY..adapted from a novel...
a story of a friend...


the same old song sing by friends to a friend. comes along with presents and smileys.
hey girl, you are already 18 years old. You've grown up to be a nice and sweet girl along with cute feminineness in you. You are a prominent figure in our circle of friends. 
There is a boy who appreciates you without you noticing it. Well, never hope of being noticed by you since he's only a small, humble and ordinary guy. He fights hard to win your heart, but he never won. And now, he gives up his hope and will never fight again. In fact, he's fighting with himself, fighting for a place in a decent varsity out of this country. He's focusing on his study and trying to forget what he had fought for before this. Today, he ends an old journey to begin a new quest of life.

from Malaysia with love..
unfortunate boy <3

Monday, January 24, 2011

RM220 ?

do RM220 is able to be compared with the value of a FRIENDSHIP?
I don't think so. That is why I am willing to spend that much for my friends.
we can get money easily nowadays, but friends? NOPE! Once you've lost a friend, it is hard for you to find a replacement which is exactly the same with the one that you have lost.
So, I urge all those out there who read this, please appreciate your friends.
and don't attempt to exploit your friends if they are good towards you.
treat them well. 
having a lot of friends, your life will be made simpler every day. :-)