Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kelantan Trip 2012

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.
Hello. A new post about something that's past quite sometime ago. But still, the pictures are worth sharing!!!

I went to Kelantan, one of the states located on the East Coast of peninsular Malaysia. Purpose? A well planned vacation with my college mates : Aiman, Haziq, Azrul, Imad, Zul, Wafiy and Danial. Since some of them are leaving for universities this coming September, so this trip is kinda get together thingy before they leave. :') 

I went there on 17th July and came back home on 19th July. Although it was short, but the memories will stay put in my mind. To summarize, from my observation Kelantan needs a lot more development. Yes, A LOT. The community is quite well established, but if the developments were vast and holistic, I am certain that it'll be one of the most advanced state in Malaysia. As of now, Kelantan is lagging behind a bit far compared to other states apart from the tiny Perlis. Ok, now why do I sound like a politician? Sigh.

Back to tourism, the best part of the vacation was F-O-O-D!!! Kelantan's cuisine was fantastic. Every munch led to mouth-gasm. Frankly, I put on weight as a result of 3-day stay in Kelantan. Two kilograms in three days. Horrible! Ridikulus! (Ahmad, pinjam word) 

So, as usual I prefer the pictures do the talking to writing. By the way, before I forget, I would like to express my gratitude to the host for this vacation, Danial Fitri and Tuan Wafiyullah for driving us around and providing us a place to shelter ourselves from the evil heat of the sun and the freezing rain. You guys were awesome!!! 

At LCCT, on the way to Kelantan 

Air Asia !

Imad wasn't ready for the pic :D 

Aiman so chillax!

We are young and free!!! 

My 2nd time hose riding 

Turn please!!!! 

He looks exprienced 

 Us with Jumbo the horse

QPR in the town! 

Imad, sensitive to camera 

When celebrity arrives 

Scrumptious lunch at Wafiy's place 

Our "hotel" : Danial's place (it's a mansion!!) 

This dude brought us around Kelantan 

Pantai Cinta Berahi, back then 

Pantai Cahaya Bulan, now 

Busy eating huh? 

Musafir leader a.k.a The Mufti 

Another dude that brought us sightseeing 

Reminds me of the childhood years 


Took a break at Chinese Mosque 

Rantau Panjang : shopping time 

1,2 Cheese! Instagram 

 The Chinese Mosque

 Just had a wonderful lunch

What's wrong bro? 

Forever alone standing 

Another fantabulous meal 


He got experience, riding with slippers  

Hopefully the horse was not suffering 

Datuk : ada gaya!!!