Friday, February 19, 2010


at last.. I finished my CHEMISTRY FOLIO last nyte, with the companion from my beloved bestfren..
I chat with 'dia' up till 2.19a.m .... ahakz..thanks to 'dia' for a good accompany yesterday... though 'dia' blurred (don't know y) , she was willing to accompany me..hehehe...a nice friend...I was searching for this type of friend, and now I've found it..thanks WAGA..hheehehehe...

well, want to inform MR YAMAN!!! I have finished ur homework!!
what left now are Modern M3, Biology and BM!! tonite, my family and I will go for a nice hang out at ALAMANDA PUTRAJAYA..actually we haven't plan to do is because the Alumni of my father's previous school will organize a bowling tournament..and the tournament is just for fun besides being a some sort of reunion lah...hehehe....hopefully when I come back home, my waga will be around..
kayh..c breakfast is chanting my name from the kitchen..hehe...ciao!!

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