Saturday, June 9, 2012

A story about the three main races in M'sia

Hello. This time around, I want to share a story of the three biggest races in M'sia.
Please don't get offended. :)

One day, a group of three people, namely a Malay, a Chinese and an Indian were walking along a busy street in downtown KL.
While walking, they talked to each other sharing stories of life. Once they reached a junction,  they saw their ex-schoolmate on the other side of the road and hence they decided to cross it to say 'Hi' to their long lost friend. Without any further judgement, they crossed the road and BANG!!!! They were hit by a speeding Ferrari and unfortunately all of them didn't survive the accident.
Now, they are dead and waiting in front of Heaven's gate. There is this big mirror at the gate, whose task is to question people before they are given permission to enter Heaven or kicked down to Hell. So, come these three gentlemen in front of the mirror. The incident goes like this :

Mirror : Okay, I will ask each of you one question. If you answer it honestly, you will be granted heaven. But remember, if you lie, I'll suck you and spit you out to hell.
Mirror : What do you think of yourself?
Chinese guy : I think I'm hardworking.

Zaassss!!! The chinese guy was sucked into the mirror and thrown into hell.

Indian guy : I think I'm smart.

Shooosshhh!! The same thing happen to the indian.

Malay guy : I think...
Woosshhh!! The Malay guy was also sucked in and kicked to hell.

The end.

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