Monday, June 18, 2012

Hong Kong, the jewel in the crown

Hello. This time around, would love to share some of my pictures when I was in Hong Kong last year.
It's a very nice country, clean, modern and discipline. Hong Kong and Singapore, these two are almost the same, with rules everywhere that has shaped the country into what they are today. Shall M'sia adapt the same concept? Strict logical rules and strong enforcement. :) Btw, this post is the continuation of the last post about HK. So, I end it with some pics I took. Have fun. Comments~

No Money?? I beg to differ

Mickey Mouse Parade in HK Disneyland 

 Disney's Castle at nite

One of the members in our travelling group (Muke senak~)

Wilkommen!! My 2nd visit to 2nd Disneyland

 From HK, we flew to Japan~

 A lil bit tired of taking pictures of others

We got a lesson for the kids while waiting for the flight back 

Successful people : They're short :) I mean Einstein 

Paris? Reflection in the lake 

The End

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