Thursday, June 21, 2012

Put your head down, look forward

Hi. Yesterday's physics class makes me ponder whether I'm destined to be here in Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar or not. I couldn't really digest what was taught by Mr. Ang. 

Angular velocity? Angular displacement? Omega = speed? Phewww... To make things even worst, in today's Economics class. I'm lost! Totally lost! A2 Economics starts showing its 'true colour'. 

My body was there but my mind and my soul went away into another dimension I guess. Whatever it is, this is life people! Feeling down is part and parcel of it. 
It's time to get back the focus I had before this. United Kingdom, Cambridge, A* and successful future are waiting for you. 

You lost your focus mean you lost your future. As simple as that. So, buckle up and work your ass off!!!!!!!! :) 

When you suddenly feel you can't do it, when you think that you are alone, wait.wait.wait. "La Tahzan, innallahama'ana". Don't be sad, because Allah is with you.


the drive

 back then

When I was lost in Physics class, I did this

Islam is the way of life

Love is so powerful

"Coretan", how I express my feeling (sometimes)

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