Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Dream Lifestyle

Hey. What's up? To my friends who went for the school's 2012 Prom Night, I hope you guys enjoy the evening. I'm comfortably lying on my soft queen-sized bed staring at my laptop screen, churning ideas out for this post. (not really actually). So, I want to conclude that today is another wonderful day for me. I went for an investment talk somewhere in the middle of hectic KL and got to learn a few things from it.
I'm very grateful to be blessed with such chance to attend a session that I hope would be the turning point in my life. Picking up investment soon, but why invest? "Aren't you suppose to be studying?", I come across this question occasionally when I mention my intention about investment. The reason behind why I'm so keen on making my money works for me is that I want to have MY DREAM LIFE which will cost me a staggering RM62,000/month!!!!! Pheww~ 
Therefore, what am I waiting for and what are you guys waiting for, GO INVEST LAA!!!
Below is the breakdown of my dream lifestyle cost. INSANE!!!! 
However, I'm optimistic that this is achievable provided that I plan my future properly and  have a good financial discipline, InsyaAllah I can afford this. 

Your dream lifestyle costs: RM61,623/month

Mortgage per month (Bungalow @ RM8,000,000, 90% Mortgage, 10% downpayment)RM36,480
Cable TV & InternetRM250
Aston Martin DB9
Car loan (Aston Martin DB9 @ RM1,600,000)RM13,575
Road taxRM1,265
Car insuranceRM3,500
Maintenance & repairsRM400
Middle East
RM7,000 Middle East annual travel budgetRM583
Seychelles, Maldives
RM8,000 Seychelles, Maldives annual travel budgetRM666
RM10,000 Europe annual travel budgetRM833
USA, Canada
RM10,000 USA, Canada annual travel budgetRM833
Home-cooked meals
Home-cooked meals monthly budgetRM200
High Street - Zara, Topshop, H&M, Mango, Guess, Ted Baker, etc
High Street shopping monthly budgetRM900
RM12 per movie once a weekRM48
Theatre & stage shows
RM150 per show four times a yearRM50
Theme parks
RM160 per visit three times a yearRM40
Spas, facials & massages
RM150 per session twice a monthRM300
Monthly DonationsRM1000

Total monthly cost:



  1. Hey. This just inspiring me to not being ordinary but extraordinary. thnks! and fyi, ive printed this out and put it on my study table. Goodluck in life ;)

    1. Hi Anne Sera. Thx for that. I take it as a compliment. Good luck to you too!