Sunday, July 3, 2011

Education is not about scoring As

Being "A" cut above the rest is something that has been resonating in our society for years now. Unfortunately, the "A" does not spell quality.

It is sad to see students who score seven to 10As not being able to make the cut when they go to college or when it comes to tackling real-life problems

They lack the proficiency and skills in language, communication, time management and even leadership.
Many of these students, the one who writes this as well, shiver when asked to deliver a short presentation, get stressed in managing their assignments, don't know the simple rules of algebra and, most importantly, can't think critically to make informed decisions.

In our race to get as many As as possible, most of us (students) become mechanical.
Getting an A should mean that one is able to put his or her knowledge to practice in everyday life. What good is an A if one does not have the competence to tackle a job interview?

Having examinations that are on par with those in the foreign countries does not mean we are turning ourselves becoming top-notch students.

The education system should reflect real-life situations so that we, students, are able to see the relevance of learning in our everyday lives. This, in turn, helps cultivate an attitude for lifelong learning.
Many students lose focus and do not understand the true meaning of education. We are blinded in our struggle towards becoming an A student.

The question we should ask ourselves is not whether it is too easy to get an A these days but what that A means.

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