Monday, March 15, 2010

A Hope and A Dream DESTROYED

Hello. I just came back from SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa as I was attending the HKSBP ZON UTARA for 2010. I participated in the Piala Hamdan Tahir Tournament a.k.a the basketball tournament. 
I was the captain of my team, Syed Putra Royals. 2010 is another tough luck year for me and my team.
We were one of the team who showed good performance throughout the tournament besides ALLSTARS, SLAYERS and CAGERS. I believe in my teammate that we can go through to final and qualified for the Piala Hamdan Tahir National Level  2010 which will be held at SMS Paser Puteh in Kelantan. 
But all that hope and dream was destroyed when we lost to ALLSTARS during the last group match. 
We put up a good fight till the last whistle was blown. But luck was not on our side when we lost 29 - 12. 
Whatever it is, I would like to say thank you to all my teammates. 
Sorry because I couldn't lead all of you to the final. I hope our burning spirit will be in us forever.
And thank you to Uncle Ise and Mr Liew from CAGERS, who had helped us. We appreciate it a lot.
With the end of HKSBP ZON UTARA for 2010, my basketball career will stop until I finished my SPM.

thank you.

~ What team? ROYALS!! What team? ROYALS!! What team? ROYALS!! ~

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