Friday, October 28, 2011

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Cambridge Bound?

University of Cambridge, a two-word name which resembles creativity, powerful ideology and fantastic personality. Hundreds of charismatic politicians, influential leaders and corporate figures were moulded here at the university. An institution with good remarks and reputation will always be the people’s favourite. No doubt every year throng of people aim to gain admission to University of Cambridge, one of the world’s leading tertiary education centres. Why? The reason is, at Cambridge, students do not only gain academically, in fact they attain lots of soft skills which help them to understand and to be able to survive in today’s globalised world.  On top of all those, one question is to be asked, do I deserve to, one day, be a student at such university? I might not have the answer to that query. However, the desire inside me is burning, the determination is unshakable and the hope is enormous.

Going to Cambridge is my main objective since I first set my foot in Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar. To do that, I should devise a strategic action plan towards turning my imagination into reality. Building castle in the air is simply not my style.  I am tuning myself to be a walk-the-talk-type of a person. Thus, I have to rope in everything that is necessary to keep me on track en route to University of Cambridge. But, the question is, what are the things?

Performing well in academic will always be the main pre-requisite if one were to gain admission to the university. Despite that fact, I want to underline three key elements that I strongly believe will assist me moving in the right path that leads to being a legitimate student of one of the best universities in the whole world – read, do and ask. “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”, a quote by Margaret Fuller that bears in my mind which emphasises on the enormous impact that reading may have upon somebody. In fact, my beloved father persistently reminds me and my siblings to read a lot since reading is synonymous with knowledge and facts. Thus, one who reads heavily gets to be a level above the others in certain aspects. Newspapers, magazines, articles, blogs, and novels – all these reading materials have something to offer to those who read them. For that reason I am promising to myself that I will read a lot.

Reading alone is not sufficient to make me deserve a seat in Cambridge. Next thing is ‘do’ – trying out what I have read is always a good initiative especially in advancing my English. A language cannot be mastered by just reading and attending classes. Besides improving English, through reading I can prepare myself to face the robust interviewing process that I will surely go in the near future. Be it interview for university admission, getting job or any interviews that exist in the universe. Having knowledge from my reading at least helps me to be less nervous and not feel inferior of myself.

Completing the list of things-to-do is a simple three-letter word that leads to someone getting bunches of information an open up thousands doors of opportunities – ask. If I do not know something, just ask. If I want to know something, ask. If I want clarification, ask. There is nobody in this world failing in life by asking. In fact, those who ask are in control of situations. No one will scold me just because I ask something. Unless the question asked is not appropriate. My teachers always tell me, in learning there is no such thing as stupid question. Those who ask the so-called stupid question are brilliant while those who do not ask, if they do not know and pretend knowing it, are the one that should be labelled as "moron".

To gain entry to University of Cambridge is tough but it is possible. Any ordinary human being can become Cambridge’s student as long as they work extraordinarily. As for me, once again I stressed out my desire to go and study there which I will follow up starting with three basic steps – read, do and ask. Hopefully one of these days, I can proudly claim I am a graduate from University of Cambridge, one of the world’s renowned learning centres.  

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