Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I almost burst into tears

Movie day for today
Actually I planned to study History but my brother ask me to join him and my two lil sistah to watch cinema
A movie entitled "LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN" .. my heart hooked up with this movie because the main actress is the one I admire , LISA SURIHANI..and know what?? when I was at the ticketing counter, I saw her at one corner of the cinema reception - attending a preview on another movie of her which she was  paired with Lan Pet Pet (ZOO) .. holly smooking damn beautiful..that's what we say the wonderful creation of ALLAH..

enough with that..let us go through the simple synopsis of the movie 

It is about a man name Qasha (Farid Kamil) which is still studying in a college somewhere in Malaysia
He is nicknamed after 'Budak Setan' because he always caused stir up in his college. Causing difficulties to his friends and lecturers. Until one day, a new girl name Ayu(Lisa Surihani) registers at the college.
The girl has made Qasha evolve from a very bad boy into a loving and caring person.
They fall in love with each other until one day Qasha has to go for a research trip, in order to complete his degree, far away in a remote area which have no communication at all. Ayu promised to wait for him, and marry him once he completed his study. But, when Qasha left, Ayu's mom asked her to marry his ex-boyfriend whom she hates a lot. Azmi (Que Haidar) , the one who responsible for all bruises and pain Ayu suffered before.....for more, watch the movie lah...

my comments : 
A man who is very loyal to his love.
A man who finds LOVE not WOMAN.
A man of honour and respect.
A man with style 

Rating : 8/10

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