Friday, May 7, 2010

Exam out!!

Salam..fuh...what a long disappeareance from this page uh...
I've been so busy lately because I've started struggling for my MCE in November dude!!!
just a few months to go lolz!!! yet my early year examination result was damn BAD!!!!
I got only 4A(A+, A, A-) 3 B and a C!!! damn that silly PHYSICS subject which had indirectly ruined my reputation!! Sucks!!
but, whatever it is..I need to buckle up man!!!
I have to go thru back all the PHYSICS chapters, learn it all by myself with aid from friends..hopefully I can score 9A+ INSYAALLAH!!!!

well, why I disappeared for quite a long time from this bloggie??
packed with school's activities and classes + weekend workshops ...
no time to go for outing and write something for my lonely bloggie..ahakz..
maybe I will seldomly upd8 my blog because I want to score my MCE!!!
so..please .. My parents, relatives, teachers, friends and foe..please DOA for me and my batchmates so that we can score 9A+ for 2010 MCE!!! INSYAALLAH...!!!

1 comment:

  1. hahahahah gambate la bro. fuck off everything. nail SPM and pack your bag to UK! hahaha well few months is not long. by the time u realize it ur in UK already! hahahah GO GO GO! xD!