Monday, July 16, 2012

Excess + Love = ?

Once in a while, writing something out for me is a relieve. So, in this short post, with deep humility I wish to share a bit of what is going on in my thought for the past day.

Excess. That's the word. I believe that the excess of anything is always threatening. People might argue, but I'll stay put with that. As a rational human, we should be able to draw a line for everything in this world. And please do not practice selective execution (i.e. if the situation is favourable to you, you are okay with it, although you know it's 'illegal').

Looking back at the "excessive" issue, in this post I would like to share it in the context of "being in love". My style is simple and straight to the point. If you love someone, and another person hurts his/her feelings for the good cause, what will be your response? Consult your loved one and talk to him/her properly, trying to mend what is wrong, OR you'll go to the person who hurt his/her feelings and 'lecture' that person? The choice is yours. For someone who is over-protective, the 2nd option is highly likely to be the choice. Is that the best choice in this case? I don't think so. Sometimes, we are too ignorant of ourselves. We are trying hard to please other people and the society up to the point that we don't give ourselves the chance to be who we are, to think back where do we come from. And this situation might lead to us not knowing exactly where is our boundary in life. 

Talking from experience, too much love is never good, except for love to the No Ending and His sweetheart.
Don't get blinded by love as it would be detrimental not only to you but to those surrounding you. At times, take a look at the bigger picture of life and avoid being too focused to the one you love. :)
A reminder for me and those who love to be reminded. 


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