Tuesday, January 17, 2012

P = F/A : post-stats, pre-mechs

Hello, Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.
I haven't posted anything since last year, excluding the 'Monkey Problem'. 
P = F/A a.k.a Pressure is the magnitude of force exerted per unit area. You might say I'm showcasing my Physics' knowledge but actually this post has got nothing to do with Physics. However, I want to share my thoughts about life pressure and what and why it is related to our daily lives. From my perspective, you may or you may not agree, pressure is going to be really really enormous even if the area that is in contact with the external pressure is as huge. What the hell I'm talking about? Well, living in Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar has taught me many things and one of them that I want to highlight in this post is learning to face huge stress and tension. In my school, apparently there are bunches of super-smart people doing ordinary and extraordinary things which resulted in them getting full marks in exam, be it a simple one or the one stuffed with killer questions. For them, everything seems to appear like a piece of cake. That is why Asians are labelled as ASIANS. Got it? If you don't get it, you'd better give chance to yourself to be exposed to 9Gag. :D

Can you just imagine in one exam, a guy/girl gets 100% for six papers out of ten that he/she sat for. Well, maybe for some of us, it's a normal occurrence but as for me, this is BLOODY-NOT-HUMAN!!!! 
How on Earth do these people not lose any single bloody marks in their exam? I keep on arguing with myself, are they human or are they not? It's just unfair when the same amount of effort gives out different results, 100% and 70%. Sigh -_-" . But don't be sad, Allah is always there to calm you down. In fact, you'd barely stressed yourself up if in Allah you trust regardless of your situation, ups or downs. No one knows what will happen by the time the examiner looks at your answers. No matter how badly you did, if it's stated by Allah that you will get full mark, there you go, full mark awaits you when your results are out. Thus, an advice to me and my friends and anyone who follow and read my humble blog, do you part well and leave the rest to The Almighty. In Him you trust, you'll get handsome rewards either sooner or later. InsyaAllah. Wallahu'alam. 

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