Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What do you think, if a science-based student intends to pursue his/her tertiary education in art field?
What do you think, if an art-based student wishes to further his/her degree in science field?

I was very shocked, sad, disappointed, furious and moody when I was denied of getting a scholarship, which I believe I deserved so, just because I came from a science school and applying to continue my study in art-related course.

"...sorry Mr. Dhiyauddin Murtadha, it is our policy that those who want to pursue their tertiary education in arts field, they have to take art subjects for their SPM, and vice versa for science courses.. "

not to blame anybody, but that's the fact. Such a silly policy that portrayed the narrow-mindedness of those who made it.

Hopefully, they realise that the policy keeps on denying young talents to express themselves and contribute to the nation.


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