Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Change : A Continuous Process

As we observe, the world keeps on changing and progressing itself - at a very fast pace!!
Developments are done in every part in this world.
The gadgets - transform their appearance like nobody's business. Iphone, HTC Desire Z, Samsung Galaxy - these are some the new and latest appliances in digital world, and yet the new ones are waiting to be released into the market.
What about vehicles? Clothes and apparels? Even food change?
Too many things have undergone numerous procedures and come out to be a better one than they were before.

As a wise human being, why don't we hold our horses and ponder about ourselves for a moment??
Does each of us undergoes evolution or revolution by ourselves? Changes regarding our look, thinking, and personality... Or we want others and the surrounding to change us?

We need to transform ourselves accordingly with the environment and surrounding atmosphere. Transform into a better person. =)
Maybe we can have the same look physically, but what about our mindset? our way of thinking? our lifestyle?
A wise guy always wants to keep on improving himself/herself.
Changes positively should be praised even in a small quantity. So, when someone says he/she has changed, never condemned them even if you know how was he/she in the past as a person. Who knows, what are the changes they've made.
Salute and support them because to change oneself is not a simple thing to do.
If we can't afford to change ourselves, respect others who changed.
I repeat, RESPECT OTHERS WHO CHANGED into a better individuals :D

eeerrr....tired of thinking what to write, so I'll stop here lah ~
tq 4 reading :D

p/s : any correction grammatically(surely ada kan), do inform me 

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  1. i dont know why, but the sentence "does each of us undergoes...." mcm something wrong...

    i would prefer "do each of us undergo...." but still, better tnya cikgu...