Thursday, January 27, 2011

patient and appreciate

I was in my English class just now. 
Suddenly my phone vibrated. Guess what?? Out of the blue, a friend of mine texted me.. "Taza, kat mana?"
I told her that I'm in Shah Alam. She replied, "tgk wayang jom?" ....
at that moment, my feeling consist of a mixture of happy, shocked, doubt and touched. I'm speechless.
That was the FIRST TIME ever she had invited me to watch the cinema.. 
As my feeling started to grow more excited, she texted me again... " err, aku ada tiket lebih ni" ...
When I read that, my heart broke. It was so devastating!! She invited me just because she had an extra movie ticket with her. 
I was treated as a second class friend. she hardly remembers me and think of me. 
So, I was thinking whether to accept the 'invitation' or not.. 
I was so so sad but I said to myself.. "hey Taza, AT LEAST she remembered you..even if it was a COINCIDENCE" .... :'-(( sob3... 
well, I accepted her so-called invitation at the first place. But, later when I thought deeper, it was better for me to reject it. After all, she was not really into inviting me. She just wanted to compensate the RM19 that she had lost because of the EXTRA ticket. haha..I have my own pride, my dignity. and they cost more, not just a mere RM19 !!!!!  
But, nevermind. I don't mind even my heart's broken. I'm used to her like that.

p/s : be patient with that type of friends, and do appreciate them even if they ACCIDENTALLY remember you. 

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